Phase 1: Pre-Surgery

Our restorative dentist will start with an initial consultation to discuss treatment options and complete initial documents. A surgical consultation will be scheduled where CT scans and financial arrangements occur. Next, a prosthetic work-up is conducted by our prosthodontist, impressions of your oral alignment are taken and remaining consent forms are to be completed. The final step in this phase involves our team planning the surgery.

Phase 2: Surgery & Denture Conversion

On the day of your scheduled surgery, implants are placed and dentures will be converted to a temporary screw-retained prosthesis. The surgical follow-up and restorative follow-up can be done on the same day, where implants and oral health are evaluated.

In about ten days, our restorative dentist will evaluate the occlusion and make any necessary adjustments to avoid stress from the temporary prosthesis. Another restorative follow-up is necessary after one month to evaluate vertical dimension and esthetics. Our restorative dentist will create a laboratory prescription and send models and matrices to the lab.

Phase 3: Final Prosthesis

Our restorative dentist will seat the sectioned verification jig and lute the sections together to make a verified final impression. An anterior wax try-in will also be completed. Next, there is one final wax try-in with all teeth included before delivery of the final prosthesis. At the third restorative visit, the final prosthesis will be delivered and any necessary adjustments will be made to the occlusion and tissue side of the prosthesis. In addition, all abutments and prosthetic screws will be torqued to their final forms. Our patient should return for scheduled interval cleanings to have implant and prosthetic health evaluated and prosthetic screws replaced.